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Boomin' by Black Business Boom is the 1st and only marketing platform for Black-owned businesses!

We provide Black business owners an affordable marketing solution that helps them reach thousands of new customers and convert them to loyal, returning customers. 

how we do it...

Digital Coupons

 Consumers LOVE coupons! Digital coupons are great marketing tool to help you connect with new customers. A well-executed coupon can also increase customer retention, build loyalty and generate excitement about your brand. 52% percent of adult online users, more than 120 million people, have redeemed an online coupon. 

Digital Punch Cards

 Keep them coming back! Digital punch cards also know as loyalty rewards programs are a great way to convert first-time customers into return customers. Return customers are much more valuable than first-time customers. Returning, loyal customers spend up to 67% more than first time customers. 

Proximity Marketing

 Proximity marketing pushes messaging about your business to customers directly on their mobile phone based on their location. 57% of consumers are more likely to engage with location-based advertising. We use this technology as a way of communicating with app users and influencing their buying decisions. 

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